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Usui – Takata Tradition

Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai & Takata Traditional Reiki

Although there are many types of complementary healing techniques in Japan and the world, The Reiki technique has been identified with Mikao Usui.

Mikao Usui was born in 1864 and died in 1926. During his lifetime, he was a student of traditional exercize and healing techniques related to what we now consider Martial Arts. Research by Frank Arjava Petter has revealed much of the history and legends of Usui.

usui2The legends say that Mikao Usui went to Mt. Kuriyama where he followed a tradition of the Buddhist Temple and meditated for 21 days, sometimes under a waterfall on the temple grounds. During the meditation he became aware of the Reiki Symbols and teachings. Usui practiced and taught Reiki throughout Japan for the remainder of his life. Upon his death, a president and successor in Japan was appointed. There have been 6 Presidents. In Japanese Reiki there are no Grandmasters or Linage Bearers.

hayashi2A student of Reiki, Dr. Hayashi completed Shinpiden in June 1925, followed by Admiral Taketomi and Admiral Ushida in the fall of 1925. This is verified in the records of Dr.. Hayashi’s student, Tatsumi-san who completed his training in 1931. It is also listed with the ministry of education. Dr. Hayashi was reported to have worked at one of the 40 Clinics in Japan. Incidently World War II had started in 1939 and Hayashi’s trip to Hawaii to visit with Takata was suspected and not recognized as a positive adventure. Dr. Hayashi committed Hari Kari in the tradition of the Japanese Samarai in order to keep the honor and respect for the family. Hayashi had initiated Hawayo Takata into Reiki. Hawayo Takata was born in Kauai in 1900 and taught Reiki in Hawaii and is recognized for bringing it to the United States. Takata died in 1980 at the age of 80 yrs old.