Reiki Sessions for San Antonio Texas

Reiki Sessions

Reiki healingSome People feel Reiki as a warmth, others as coolness. Some feel a tingling or energy and some feel nothing at all. If the person receiving Reiki feels nothing, this does not mean they are not receiving the energy, it simply means they are not particularly sensitive to the feel of the energy. I was working with a number of people at a Health Fair, whom have never heard of Reiki, only one did not feel the energy flow in some way or another. One lady told me, she just melted into a puddle of butter, another person said they felt tingling or like someone was tickling them with a feather.

We do not prescribe or diagnose A full body Reiki session lasts approximately one hour focusing 3 to 5 minutes at various positions. The person receiving the full body treatment may lie down on a table (A massage table works best), however if client asked for sitting in a chair this might be more comfortable. The Reiki Practitioner will sometimes begin at the head of the person and progresses through all the series of hand positions taught. The hands may gently be placed on the person until the area being treated stops drawing energy. There are obvious areas where touching is inappropriate and unethical. Awareness of the client and the practitioner should be of the highest concern. Touching may be illegal in a some specific states without being a licensed Message Therapist. In Texas there isn’t a regulation on Reiki, Reflexology, Acupressure. The client should remain clothed.

Questions and Answers about Reiki Sessions

How Much is a Reiki Session: No Walk in’s, By appointment only….. $60.00 for an hour or if you would like to  prepay for three sessions $150.00.

What do I have to do?
To benefit from Reiki you need to only be open and willing to receive the energy. If, at any time during the treatment session or after, you have questions, concerns or feel distress and or pain, let your Practitioner know. Normally you won’t feel any pain.

What do I need to tell my practitioner?
Please NOTIFY and make your practitioner aware of any skin or infection problems.
NOTIFY your practitioner if you are presently under medical care and list the names and phone numbers of your caregivers . It is important for your Practitioner to know if you are pregnant, on Blood Thinners, diabetic, have a heart condition, use a pacemaker, wear contact lenses or use hearing aids.

Do I need to get undressed?
For Reiki, just wear comfortable clothing that is not binding in anyway. You will not be asked to take off your clothing.

Will you diagnose or prescribe?

NO! Your Reiki Practitioner DOES NOT PRESCRIBE MEDICAL TREATMENT, DIAGNOISE OR PERFORM SURGERY IN ANY WAY. Your Practitioner does not claim to heal you or perform miracles. There also may be times that you will notice no affects of the energy flow.

Please continue to see your caregivers Doctors and Nurses and follow their prescribed treatments. If your caregivers have any questions about Reiki or Reflexology, Your Practitioner will be happy to talk with them. Reiki IS COMPLIMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE or integrative health modalities. Do not change your medication without the approval of your doctor.