Reiki Sessions for San Antonio Texas


Reiki San Antonio offers 4 levels of Reiki instruction and an Acupressure class.
Classes normally run a full day (9am – 5pm). Each Reiki level builds on the previous so students should not jump levels. We will accept non-Reiki San Antonio students for the Master Levels with proper certification.  If  you have questions call me or Text me at 210 289 9722. P


A Time Of Healing

After a person is attuned to each degree of Reiki, they will undergo a period of healing in their own lives. This is called clearing or cleansing. This is a time when the person goes through a change in the vibration levels and the Reiki Energy comes to “being” within. The Reiki initiate might feel changes on the emotional, spiritual or physical plane. Do not become alarmed, it happens to all of us. Remember to trust your intuition during this period. Begin a Journal and write down your feelings, dreams and insights. But most important of all, remember that Reiki is a Healing Art, even for the practitioner and that every time you share Reiki, you to continue your own healing process.

Reiki San Antonio Level One

  • Original Usui Reiki Story with Usui and Takata Traditional empowerment.
  • Understanding Kanji and The Physical World of Reiki.
  • Define the magnetic energy field and develop awareness.
  • Attunement and Meditation to find your own safe and secure retreat
  • Japanese techniques of Gassho & Reiji Ho meditation. To include byosen

Reiki San Antonio Level Two

  • Long Distance Reiki Symbols and Words
  • Working with tools that facilitate and encourage your subconscious mind to work with you.
  • Jacki-Kiri, Joka-Ho
  • Long Distance Reiki and how to strengthen and integrate affirmations with Reiki for positive mind processing.
  • Koki-ho, Nao Hi,  and Shu Chu

Reiki San Antonio Advanced Reiki

Updates on Reiki from Japan.  Feeling and Understanding Crystal energy

  • Receiving the Attunement and Meditation for Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Healing Using Different Cultural methods
  • Releasing and cleansing the Native American Way

REIKI SENSEI (also know as Reiki Master Teacher)
NOTE: RSA Students that have taken all classes from Carolyn get a $100.00 discount.  No other discounts apply.

From Advanced Reiki  to Sensei also known as Reiki Master Teacher, the student is required to practice  and logged/documented  Reiki Sessions and experiences.  Sensei or Reiki Master Teacher classes are held once a year, around Chinese New Year.  Sometimes if there is a group qualified, classes can be arranged in July.  Classes include a statement of Ethics, Standards.